Towner Bros add a modern sleek design

A modern and sleek alternative to tiles, Towner Bros are being used in any number of applications from small renovation jobs through to large commercial projects.

Blue sydney Glass Splashback from Towner Bros

About Towner Bros

Towner Bros is a Sydney based company, dedicated to service & quality and has been building a reputation for reliable service in supplying quality glass splashbacks products. Towner Bros is one of Australia's leading suppliers of glass splashbacks to architects, builders, interior designers, construction companies and a wide variety of retailers.


Glass - 6mm toughened glass in a choice of Clear (Float) or Low Iron. Low Iron is absolutely clear, so the painted colour is true. This is important when colour matching is required. Clear (Float) has a slight green tinge which may affect the painted colour, especially if it is a pale one. It is less expensive than Low Iron.

Wall Fixing - Glass splashbacks are glued into place with glazing silicone, any joints are sealed with silicone to create a water tight seal. Cut Outs or holes are provided for powerpoints, taps, rangehoods or utensil racks. The glass cannot be drilled or cut once it is toughened.

Installations - Measurements and installations are performed by our qualified staff who are experienced in splashback installations. Once your splashback has been measured, detailed plans will be drawn up and the glass will be cut, processed and painted. Please allow up to approximately 10 working days between measurement and installation.

Measure, Manufacture, and Installation - We will attend a home or site for customers who require splashbacks once the kitchen is fully installed. We do not like to take any chances where measurements are concerned as we are unable to add on or take off small amounts of glass if measurements are inaccurate. Just call the office to make an appointment. We will bring our range of colour samples with us to help with the choice.

Why use Towner Bros

As a modern and sleek alternative to tiles, coloured back glass is being used to suit any application from small renovation jobs through to large commercial projects.

Features of glass splashbacks include:

bullet Commitment to customer service
bullet Heat resistant
bullet Mould and mildew resistant
bullet Non porous
bullet Low maintenance
bullet All glass toughened safety glass
bullet Colour match to any colour chart
bullet Splashbacks up to 3660mm length
bullet Meets International standards
bullet Faster and professional service
bullet 7 year limited warranty
bullet Best quality products
bullet Total commitment to customer service
bullet Competitive prices
bullet Many styles
bullet Unlimited range of colours
bullet Custom made

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